6 Major Airlines That Offer Cheap Flights to Barbados

Barbados is that exotic location every traveler wants to visit, but what about cheap flights? Can you fly to Barbados without paying a hefty price? You wouldn’t think so, but in actual fact, you can. Prices to Barbados can vary considerably depending on where you fly from and the airline you travel with, but there are many good airlines that offer cheap flights. What? Airlines can offer cheap flights to Barbados? Read on and you’ll find just six amazing options to consider.

Flying with Caribbean Airlines

If you reside in the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago or Jamaica then you will find Caribbean airlines is the one to travel with. You can reach Barbados with this airliner and you can get direct flights too so you don’t have to worry about stopping over before you reach your destination. You can reach Trinidad or Jamaica in a variety of ways before flying over to Barbados.

Flying From the UK?

You can also get cheap flights to Barbados with BA. British Airways is a wonderful airline and one which is very popular indeed. There are a host of flights per week that fly from the UK and go directly to Barbados, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble. However, you should be aware that most of these flights fly from London only which can be a bit of a nightmare if you reside in Scotland or northern England. It’s only a few extra hours on the journey so if you want to visit Barbados you probably don’t mind heading down to London first. The flight time can take around eight to nine hours so not one for the faint of heart.

Flying From Canada with West Jet

For those who live in Canada or close to Toronto, West Jet will be the airline for you to reach Barbados. This flight plan has been around for many years now and it remains a very popular destination for travelers of all kinds. Flights don’t fly every day, only on certain days so that is definitely something to remember but there are usually plenty of flights to and from nonetheless. Again, you’ll get great deals on your flights to Barbados.Click this link for additional tips about getting cheap flight tickets.

Choose Virgin Atlantic

If you aren’t using British Airways you might opt for Virgin Atlantic. This airline flies from Manchester in the UK, and offers direct flights. This is perfect for those who can’t reach London or who live in the Manchester area. Cheap flights are possible with Virgin Atlantic and even though it’s just over eight hours of flying time, you’ll enjoy once you get to Barbados. There are only certain days in which flights leave from Manchester to Barbados which is worth checking out.

Travel with Air Canada


You can get ridiculously cheap flights to Barbados with air Canada. This airliner offers flights from Toronto and you’ll only be in the hours for just over five hours which isn’t too bad. You can also fly from Montreal, but, with this flight, it’ll take over seven hours. Again, it’s the airport which is closest to you and more convenient to reach. Need more details? visit http://www.irishtimes.com/news/social-affairs/some-5-584-travellers-live-in-overcrowded-conditions-1.2821295

Flying From the US?

For those flying from America, you may be best to go with American Airlines. This airline flies from the US to Barbados and flights aren’t overly expensive either. You can fly from Miami, Dallas and of course New York and all are direct which is useful as flights don’t take too long. Some flights can stop over in Miami or Dallas if flying from New York which will of course increase overall flying time.

Fly Without the Added Cost

Everyone expects to pay top dollar when it comes to flying around the world, especially when heading to a beautiful location such as Barbados, but you don’t have to. Cheap flights do exist and they can get you safely to Barbados. If you can find a local airline that offers cheap flights you can reach your destination in no time!